Herps in History

People and herps go back a long way together! Draw a picture of one or more of the following facts:

Detail of man's wrapperIn ancient Greece, people believed snakes had healing powers. To cure illnesses, doctors would often allow snakes to crawl on the bodies of sick people.

Ancient Chinese fortune tellers sometimes used tortoises to predict the future. They did this by reading the markings on the top of the tortoise's shell.

According to Hindu legend, the powerful god Vishnu rests on the coils of a giant cobra.

In ancient Europe, people called druids believed that certain snakes, or adders, laid magic eggs. These eggs, called "adder stones," were supposed to bring good luck and ward off illness.

There are no snakes in Ireland. According to legend, Saint Patrick drove them all away.

In some parts of Africa, crocodiles were worshipped. Crocodile mummies have been found in Egyptian tombs.

Divination implementMayan Indian legend claims that a frog named Uo helps bring rain to the crops. When Uo sings, the rain god sprinkles water onto the Earth from his gourd.

Some Native Americans worshipped a spirit called Frog Woman. Frog Woman was believed to be the creator of the Earth.

During the Middle Ages, people believed that toads had a magic jewel inside their heads. Among other things, these "toadstones" were thought to cure stomach aches.

Early American colonists depicted a rattlesnake on flags showing the 13 colonies.