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Mr. President

John Tyler
Tenth President, 1841–1845

“A bed
of thorns…
which has afforded
me no repose.”

—Commenting on his presidency

His Accidency:
"He looked somewhat worn and anxious, and he might well be, being at war with everybody," said writer Charles Dickens about John Tyler. After advancing from vice-president to president "accidentally" upon William Henry Harrison's death, Tyler was nearly impeached by congressmen who resented his taking the same powers and privileges as elected presidents. He also angered abolitionists by annexing Texas, a slave state.

Portrait by George P.A. Healy , 1859 . NPG.70.23 , Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery .

Fast Facts
Party: Whig
Date of Birth: Monday, March 29, 1790
Date of Death: Saturday, January 18, 1862
Vice President: none
First Lady: Letitia Christian Tyler, Julia Gardiner Tyler

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