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Mr. President

Thomas Jefferson
Third President, 1801–1809

“The boisterous sea
of liberty is never without a wave.”

Generous Genius:
Brilliant and remarkably versatile, Thomas Jefferson offered his own huge book collection as a replacement when British troops burned the Library of Congress. Author of the Declaration of Independence, this inventor, lawyer, architect, and scholar said he became a politician rather than a scientist because his country needed his talents. While president, Jefferson acquired the immense Louisiana Territory from Napoleon, doubling the size of the United States. The land cost less than three cents an acre.

Portrait by Mather Brown , 1786 . NPG.99.66 , Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery .

Fast Facts
Party: Democratic-Republican
Date of Birth: Tuesday, April 16, 1743
Date of Death: Tuesday, July 4, 1826
Vice President: Aaron Burr, George Clinton
First Lady: widower

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