pixel_pale.gif (61 bytes) Ochoa, once with a $50,000 price on his head
Revolutionary, Victor Ochoa Arrested
Sheriff Royal Arrested For Helping Ochoa Escape
Ochoa Sues Newspaper for Slander
Ochoa Fakes His Own Death




Image Deputy Marshal Scarborough returned yesterday morning from Del Rio, where he had been to place Sheriff Royal, of Pecos county, in jail. Officer Scarborough, accompanied by State Rangers Kirchtner, Palmer and Smith, arrested seven men at Fort Stockton and took them to Del Rio. Sheriff Royal and three of his deputies were charged with complicity in the escape of Victor L. Ochoa from the Pecos county jail, and the other three men were arrested for smuggling.
Inventor and Revolutionary Victor Ochoa:
Sheriff Royal Arrested For Helping Ochoa Escape

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