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Bering Sea Eskimo Collection of Edward W. Nelson
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The lessons in this feature the work of ethnographer Edward W. Nelson, who for five years lived with the Alaskan Eskimo people, collecting and sending back over 10,000 objects to the Smithsonian. The issue includes many photographs of the artifacts.

Students learn about the culture of the Alaskan Eskimo from the objects. They are also asked to read and discuss an essay describing what it would be like if they lived as Eskimos in the “land of the Bering Sea.” An activity sheet featuring an Eskimo-themed word-search puzzle is included.

Note: This is an archival publication dating back to 1981 and any supplements or suggestions for off-site education may not be available.

Download "Art to Zoo: Of Kayaks and Ulus: The Bering Sea Eskimo Collection of Edward W. Nelson, 'The Man Who Collected Worthless Things'" (PDF).

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Bering Sea Eskimo Collection of Edward W. Nelson

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