Dread History:

The African Diaspora,
Ethiopianism, and Rastafari


Essay, terminology, and suggested readings and discography written and compiled by
Dr. Jake Homiak, Director of the National Anthropological Archives, National Museum of Natural History

Image Gallery photographs courtesy of Dr. Jake Homiak, Susan Moss, and Todd Lewis.

The National Anthropological Archives was established in 1879 as the archives of the Bureau of American Ethnology and is now a unit of the Department of Anthropology in the National Museum of Natural History. It preserves papers of anthropologists, records of anthropological organizations and other documents of use to anthropologists. For more information on the topic of Rastafari, you may visit the Archives at the National Museum of Natural History, Room 60-A, at 10th and Constitution, NW, Washington, DC 20560. An appointment is recommended. Appointments may be made by calling (202) 357-1976, weekdays from 9:00AM - 5:00PM