Contacting Smithsonian

As you browse the Migrations in History site, you see that it provides a starting point for research on migrations and ideas on topics to extensively explore beyond this site. You may find that you want to know more about a particular area of this site and wish you knew who could give you answers. The Smithsonian Institution has many experts that are eager to share the discoveries we have featured here on this site.

Craft a letter that gives specific questions about what you are looking to learn more about at Smithsonian, what you found on the site that was useful, and what more you would like to know. Be certain to include the web address (URL) of this site in your letter so that the recipient can refer to the specific area of inquiry. Look at the credits section of the area you find interesting and direct the letter to the person, people, or museum mentioned in the credits. Be sure to include how the Smithsonian may reach you. Give your address, your phone number, or an email address.

Once you have written your letter, sign it, and send it to the museum that is mentioned in the area you found of interest.

Another way you may find the museums' addresses is by linking to the
Smithsonian Homepage.