Textiles  of the North American Southwest
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Jerga, Zuni. Collected by John Wesley Powell, probably at Zuni, New Mexico, ca. 1872. Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, cat. no. E011166, acc. no. 00002357.

Dimensions: 29 in. (warp) x 36 in. (weft).

Technique: Diagonal twill weave (2 x 2).

Thread count: Warp = 23/in.; Weft = 18/in.

Fibers: Warp and weft = 1-ply handspun wool yarn, natural brown and cream, Z-spin. Selvage: 3-strand, 2-ply handspun wool yarn, natural brown, Z-spin, S-twist. Medial tassles a third of the way up from the bottom, braided for about 2 inches. Corners = warp and weft selvages are knotted separately; on three corners the selvages are then braided together for about 2.5 inches while the fourth corner is open. One corner also has a doubled strand of indigo-dyed handspun wool braided in.

Design: Plaid twill design.


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