Textiles  of the North American Southwest
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Curio loom with unfinished weaving, Navajo. Collected in Arizona. Donated by Mrs. K.T. Dodge in 1909. Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, cat. no. E255631, acc. no. 00050291.

Dimensions: 18 in. (warp, including wooden rods) x 13.25 in. (weft).

Technique: Incomplete weaving on a loom with one wooden heddle and small yarn bundles attached.

Thread count: Warp = 9/in.; Weft = 14/in.

Fibers: Warp = 4-ply cotton twine, red, S-twist. Weft = 4-ply commercial yarn, blue, gold, red, white, and green, S-twist, Z-spin.

Design: A pictorial with a train and three human figures on a red background. Blue and white yarns are used to represent smoke from the train engine. The bottom has thin blue, red, white, gold, and black stripes and a fret pattern. The top has a pattern of blue, white, red and yellow zigzags.


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