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The Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies (SCEMS)(now the Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access) teamed with AKQA to redesign, restructure, and recreate the website formerly known as "Field Trips and Learning Resources."

This collaborative team worked to develop a clean, sophisticated website representative of Smithsonian Education's brand, reputation and intellect. Core objectives for the SCEMS website were to serve as the gateway to Smithsonian educational resources, tailor content to serve three distinct audiences; educators, families, and students, promote the understanding of museums, and emphasize inquiry-based learning using primary sources.

The AKQA design team was responsible for development of a new brand aesthetic and user interface design, mapping the visual treatment back to the Smithsonian main page at AKQA aided the Smithsonian staff in finding and organizing appropriate information for the multiple user groups for the SCEMS site. AKQA programmers dedicated their time to building templates for Interwoven, a content management system that brings the site design to life and enables SCEMS to update and build new pages with minimal effort and cost.

With a full-time staff of creative and technology resources and more than ten years experience, AKQA has provided clients such as the Smithsonian inspiring digital solutions that go beyond client and user expectations. For more information, please contact AKQA at (202) 625-1111.

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