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Making Friends With Franklin

Talking to Some Friends - Reference - Acknowledgements

At the Smithsonian

Brandon Brame Fortune
National Portrait Gallery

Reed Isbell
The Smithsonian Associate

Roger Sherman
National Museum of American History

Deborah J. Warner
National Museum of American History

Carol Wyrick
National Portrait Gallery

And Elsewhere

Kathy DeLuca
The Friends of Franklin, Inc.

Ted Lind
The Albany Institute of History & Art

Christy McNally
St. Mary’s Junior High School
Pittsburg, Kan.


Writer: Stephen Binns

Web Design: Troy Whitbread

Publications Director: Michelle Smith

Publication Design: Karlic Design Associates

Photo credits

National Portrait Gallery staff (Wiley, Rittenhouse, Franklin)
Charles Penniman (lightning rod)
Rick Stafford (Winthrop)
Hugh Talman (kites)
Jeff Tinsley (kites)

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