Interview Checklist

Identify potential interview subjects
Parents and relatives, their business associates and friends; business course instructors; your own employers or co-workers.
Prepare questions
Identify the goals of the interview. What do you want to discover? Refer to Interview Worksheet--review questions. Jot down others based on what you already know about the person you are interviewing.
Prepare equipment
Tape recorder, two hours of blank tape, camera, flashes, fresh batteries, notebook, pen or pencil. Make sure equipment works.
Spend at least ten minutes rehearsing what you will say; work with other students. If some class members have previously conducted interviews (for the school newspaper, for example), ask them for advice.
Make arrangements
Call or write potential subjects to ask for an hour for the interview. Set a specific time and place; confirm the appointment on the preceding day. Be on time.
Extend thanks
Thank family members and friends who agreed to be interviewed at the close of the interview. Send a brief thank-you note for their time and information to other people interviewed.

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