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Lesson 1

Objective: To gather and classify information from observation of photographs; to have students differentiate between fact and inference.

1. Divide the class into small groups of four or five.

2. Have each group view photographs 1-15 and ask them to record as much information as possible about each photograph. Suggest that students try to identify the pieces of furniture, kinds of equipment, clues as to the kind of business conducted, number of men and women, whether supervisors are present and how they can be identified, and other observations pertinent to the topic of office work.

3. Discuss, as a class, information obtained by observation. Using the blackboard, classify the information into fact and inference. For example, that women are in the photographs is fact; that the women are secretaries is inference.

4. Draw up a list of possible sources one would use to substantiate the inferences, such as newspaper articles, interviews, and company archives.

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