A Family Visit to the Smithsonian
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To Be an Artist
By Maya Ajmela and John D. Ivanko
Published by Charlesbridge Publishing
Ages 4–8

Visiting the Art Museum
By Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Tolon Brown
Published by Puffin Books (1990)
Ages 4–8

First Ladies: Women Who Called the White House Home
By Beatrice Gormley
Published by Scholastic
Ages 5–10

Into the Air: An Illustrated Timeline of Flight
By Pamela Greenwood, Ryan Ann Hunter, and Elizabeth Macalester
Published by National Geographic (2003)
Ages 4–8

Mistakes That Worked: 40 Familiar Inventions and How They Came to Be
By Charlotte Foltz Jones and John O’Brien
Published by Doubleday (1994)
Ages 4–8

The Nine-Ton Cat: Behind the Scenes at an Art Museum
By Peggy Thomson, Barbara Moore, and Carol Eron
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company (1997)
Ages 9–12

The Book of Flight: The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
By Judith Rinard
Published by Firefly Books (2001)
Ages 6–12

The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon: The Story of Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins
By Bea Uusma Schyffert
Published by Chronicle Books (2003)
Ages 9–12

Science Smart: Cool Projects for Exploring the Marvels of the Planet Earth
By Terry Krautwurst, Gwen Diehn, Bobbe Needham
Published by Main Street (2004)
Ages 9–12

Art Fraud Detective: Spot the Difference, Solve the Crime!
By Anna Nilsen
Published by Kingfisher (2000)
Ages 9–12

Looking at Pictures
By Joy Richardson
Published by Harry N. Abrams (1997)
Ages 9–12

What’s Happening? A Book of Explanations
By Patricia Relf and Francis H. Schwartz
Published by Mondo Publishing (2001)
Ages 9–12

Fandex Family Field Guide: First Ladies
By Carolyn Vaughan
Published by Workman Publishing (2003)
Ages 9–12

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