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Activity Sheets
Activity Sheets These Activity Sheets, each on a single theme, include word and number games, art exercises, and fun quizzes. With each activity, kids learn about something new, from the anatomy of the giant squid to the history of chocolate.
Sites for Students
Young girl in space helmut jumping Point your child towards our Smithsonian Education Students site! This fun and educational site brings American art, history, science, and culture to life. All content is based on Smithsonian research and collections.
IdeaLabs The Smithsonian's online IdeaLabs are dynamic and interactive learning sites for children. Your child can learn about American Presidents, re-live the Apollo 11 space mission, explore treasures from the Smithsonian’s collections, and much more.
Secrets of the Smithsonian
Hope Necklace Send your child behind the scenes to explore the Secrets of the Smithsonian. Are the bones of the Smithsonian's founder really buried in the Smithsonian Castle? Is the world's largest diamond cursed?  Each story is a fun and fascinating look at the history of the world’s largest museum complex.
Read All About It
Open book  pages fanning This Suggested Reading page features educational books for your family's home library. Smithsonian experts—historians, curators, researchers, and scientists—contributed their expertise to each title. Online ordering information is also provided.

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Help children get involved in Museum Education

The Smithsonian offers many opportunities for your family to get involved in museum education.

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