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Handwoven Textiles, Tierra Wools, Inc.
Handwoven Textiles, Jose Isabel Quiroz Garcia
Industrial Technology and Traditional Knowledge




Can traditional culture assist sustainable economic development? In the Río Grande/Río Bravo Basin, locally run enterprises successfully build on cultural heritage and available resources. These producer-owned businesses are guided by values that are shared in local culture, and they combine traditional and non traditional technology.
Science, Technology & Invention in The Rio Grande:
Sustainable Development and Industrial Technology
Enterprises develop collaborative networks, and they participate in formal and informal economies, selling their products in community markets, flea markets, tourist shops, craft catalogs, Internet Web sites, international markets, and to other businesses.The diversity of the enterprises, which include solid-waste collecting and recycling, glass-blowing, regional product sales, piñata making, metalsmithing, weaving, and brick-making, illustrates the creative use of traditional knowledge, available resources, and marketing strategies.

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