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Industrial Technology and Traditional Knowledge




Portrait of Rita Rita Morales and Enrique Lamadrid have a conversation in this section about the work that Rita is involved in on the Mexican side of the border and the really giant maquiladora (maquiladoras are production plants found mainly on the U.S./Mexico border and are generally owned by U.S. companies). The topic at hand throughout this section and its interview is Hispanic contributions to science and technology in the United States.
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Science, Technology & Invention in The Rio Grande:
Industrial Technology and Traditional Knowledge
Rita is a really interesting person to talk to in terms of this just because of the tremendous size of the industry along the border where so much of the electronics, where so much of the component parts that our whole scientific technological enterprise is composed of are assembled by people just like her.

Rita is originally from Veracruz, in Central Mexico on the Gulf Coast of course. She left at the age of twenty nine and came up to Brownsville in 1983 and started working  as a waitress but then began working for Fisher Price, in a maquila putting together all of different kinds of toys that they make, putting together playpens.

Industrial Technology in Borderland Factories

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