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Click for larger image Aviation in Latin America affords a glimpse of the eventful history of military, naval, commercial, and civilian aviation in Latin America, particularly after World War II. Aviation in Latin America outlines the lives and contributions of prominent aviators through biographical sketches, images, and essays.
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Post WWII Highlights in Latin American Aviation History

Amalia Celia Figueredo de Pietra, Argentina (available in Spanish only)
Alberto Santos-Dumont, Brazil
Anesia Pinheiro Machado, Brazil
WWII Brazilian Fighter Squadron, Brazil
Dagoberto Godoy, Chile
Augustin Parla, Cuba
Berta Moraleda, Cuba
Miguel Garcia Granados, Guatemala
Francisco Sarabia, Mexico
WWII, 201 Esquadron, Mexico
Jorge Chavez, Peru
Donald Lopez,United States
Aviation Companies, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba & Mexico

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