Ochoa, once with a $50,000 price on his head
Revolutionary, Victor Ochoa Arrested
Sheriff Royal Arrested For Helping Ochoa Escape
Ochoa Sues Newspaper for Slander
Ochoa Fakes His Own Death
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Image El Paso, May 2. -- Considerable excitement was created today when it became known that V. L. Ochoa, who started a revolution against President Diaz, in 1883, had arrived here and aligned himself with the rebel cause.
Inventor & Revolutionary Victor Ochoa
Fakes His Own Death
Ochoa, who is now the president of the International Airship Company, of Paterson, N. J. , was believed to have died in an asylum in Newark, in 1895, following his release from King’s county prison, in Brooklyn, in which he had spent a two and half year sentence for having violated the United States neutrality laws in attempting to smuggle arms across the Rio Grande to his army, then operating in Chihuahua.

He says he gave out the news himself that he had died because the Mexican government had a standing offer of fifty thousand dollars for him as long as Porfirio Diaz was in the presidential chair.

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