Ochoa, once with a $50,000 price on his head
Revolutionary, Victor Ochoa Arrested
Sheriff Royal Arrested For Helping Ochoa Escape
Ochoa Sues Newspaper for Slander
Ochoa Fakes His Own Death
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Image "When that magazine published that article about me the editors must have thought I was dead," said Victor L. Ochoa yesterday to a Call reporter, showing him an account of a Mexican revolution in 1894 in which he is described as a human Gatling gun and bloodthirsty revolutionist. So he has started suit for $100,000 against Everybody’s Magazine.
Inventor & Revolutionary Victor Ochoa
Ochoa sues Newspaper
Mr. Ochoa resides at No. 15 Ramapo avenue and spends most of his time experimenting with airship models. Back in the nineties he was an active revolutionist in Mexico, but since then has become an American citizen. He took part in numerous fights and made several daring escapes from prisons of the Mexicans. He also served three years for a crime which he did not commit.

Everybody’s Magazine has come out in the September issue with an article "Guarding the Rio Grande" and in it about one column is devoted to abusing Mr. Ochoa. His attention was called to this and he immediately engaged counsel in new York to start the suit against the publishing concern.

Mr. Ochoa is anything but a bloodthirsty looking individual, and when he says that his acts were just the contrary from those described in the magazine, he is apparently telling the truth. The article has injured him, he says, and he intends to use all his fighting qualifications now to get satisfaction from the magazine publishing company.

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