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Browse through dozens of Smithsonian websites for students. If you’re interested in art and design, science and nature, or history and faraway places, we have a site for you!
Everything Art
Everything Art: Paint Jars Create online art, make a viewfinder, or learn about George Washington by looking at his portrait—these sites will bring out the artist in you! 
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Science & Nature
Science & Nature: Spaceship take off Track buffalo, make a light bulb, or learn all about anatomy on our science and nature sites. 
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History & Culture
History & Culture: Sand Timer Follow Lewis and Clark as they map the West, learn about the presidents, or play the Viking board game. These sites bring history to life! 
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People & Places
People & Places: The Moon Read about notable Americans, take a trip to the Galapagos, create your own online invention, and much more!
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Images of Gorillas

Gorillas at the National Zoo

A western lowland gorilla family group sits together in the outdoor gorilla yard of The National Zoo.

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