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Podcasting in the Classroom
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Jamestown’s podcasts involve many aspects of a radio or television broadcast—writing, editing, oral presentation, technical work—allowing for contributions by students of very different learning styles.

“Students who don’t normally come out as the as the strongest writers often become good producers or editors,” said Ms. Gagliolo. A podcast project gives such students “the opportunity to communicate.”

Jamestown fifth-grade teacher Rachel Lott has noted that the collaborative nature of the projects is helping to build a sense of self-sufficiency in her class. As each student learns from the others’ skills, each begins to exercise his or her “multiple intelligences.”

“It was amazing to see how empowered they got,” she said. “They didn’t need their teachers standing in front of them, prompting them on what to say and do.”
Podcasting in the Classroom


Students from Jamestown Elementary in Arlington, Virginia, work in teams, interviewing each other on their impressions of the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C.

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