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Establishing Borders:
The Expansion of the United States, 1846-48

Timeline of Events Leading to War
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Newly independent Mexico grants slaveholding U.S. settlers land in Texas. Early settlers agree to take Mexican citizenship, convert to Catholicism, and speak Spanish; but some later settlers do not.

Mexico stops settlement of Texas by Americans and bans slavery

Settlers rebel against Mexican rule and declare independence. Mexico does not recognize Texas independence or a boundary at the Río Grande.

Texas as an independent nation is recognized by the United States, Britain, France, and the Netherlands, but not Mexico.

July 1845
Texans vote to join the United States.

December 1845
Texas is annexed by the United States and becomes the twenty-eighth state.

January 1846
U.S. troops occupy territory on the north bank of the Río Grande.

April 1846
Mexican calvary troops cross the Río Grande and skirmish with American forces.

May 1846
War begins between Mexico and the United States.

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