At the Museum

Walk through one or more museum exhibitions with the students.
Explain that the main purpose of your walk-through is to get the students thinking about ways they can approach their own exhibition. Tell them to observe the exhibition with an eye toward how the information is presented. Hand out the questionnaires you made in step 6 of the Preparation section and have students fill them out as they go through the exhibition.

Also tell the students to think about whether some of the techniques in the exhibition would lend themselves to the themes they chose. For example, if the exhibition uses recorded music, the students may want to consider whether or not music would work (and be appropriate) in their exhibition. Have them write down any ideas the exhibition inspires under the appropriate themes on their list of the top two or three that the class came up with.

Give students time to talk with a museum staff person.
If you have been able to make arrangements to have a staff person on hand, encourage the students to ask any questions they might have about how an exhibition is put together. A staff person might also be able to provide specific ideas about how your students can approach their own exhibition.

Last Modified September 19, 1997