Credits and Acknowledgments

This lesson was based on the writing workshops developed by Thomas E. Lowderbaugh, Ph.D., formerly Assistant Director, Administration, Smithsonian Office of Education, Smithsonian Institution

Jody Marshall
Michelle Smith
Leslie O'Flahavan

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Douglas Casey

We wish to thank all of the educators who have participated in the Smithsonian's writing workshops over the past eighteen years. Many of them stay in contact with the Smithsonian Office of Education, and they are invaluable resources on the use of museums to teach writing. We are particularly grateful to those who reviewed and tested these materials in draft:

Ernestine Arnold--Thomas Elementary School, Washington, D.C.

Barbara Sonnenberg Banks--Forest Knolls Elementary School, Silver Spring, Maryland

Rolene Barnett--Jefferson Middle School, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Karen Bean--Telstar Middle School, Bethel, Maine

Helen Bedtelyon--Lindbergh High School, Renton, Washington State

Johnny Brinson--Richardson Elementary School, Washington, D.C.

Margaret Carwin--Turkey Foot Elementary School, Edgewood, Kentucky

B. Crockett--Lincoln Junior High School, Washington, D.C.

Jane Danaher--Thoreau Intermediate School, Vienna, Virginia

Donna H. Grogan--Thomas Elementary School, Washington, D.C.

Lila Hirschmann--Jay High School, Hopewell Junction, New York

Joan Horn--Roosevelt Intermediate School, Westfield, New Jersey

Kathy Icenogle--Rodney Junior High School, Camden, Delaware

Crystal Jefferson--Marshall High School, Falls Church, Virginia

Connie Kirby--Ephrata Middle School, Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Anthony B. Knight, Jr.--Bell Multicultural High School, Washington, D.C.

Roberta Lisker--Woodson High School, Fairfax, Virginia

Jeffrey T. Miner--Pilgrim High School, Warwick, Rhode Island

Christine Murphy--Smith Elementary School, Dayton, Ohio

Elizabeth Price--Barrie School, Silver Spring, Maryland

Janet Rogolsky--Southview High School, Sylvania, Ohio

Cassy Theriot--St. Isidore Middle School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Juanita L. Wilkinson--Lincoln Junior High School, Washington, D.C.


Special thanks to the following individuals:

Anne Eigeman, Smithsonian Office of Education

Carol Franz, Principal, Bailey's Elementary School, Falls Church, Virginia

Peg Koetsch, Director, Education MATTERS

Michael Marcuse, University of Maryland

Brother International Corporation, whose generous financial support made the publication Collecting Their Thoughts possible.

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